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Jewels Planet offers you unique services which no jeweller can offer.

Precious metals are considered as an investment of safe haven but why is that when you want to dispose Gold, Silver, Diamonds you have no takers. Even your jeweller would refuse to buy back. To curtail the gaps and provide the extra edge we are offering you services like Exchange, Loan takeover and a variety of services.

Every person at some point of time in life will face financial uncertainties during recession, medical expense, emergency relief, Education etc,your hard earned assets like Gold, Silver, Diamonds will never let you down, We offer you the best buybacks, through our Spot Valuation and Settlement process.

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Looking for a gold buyers who will give fair appraisals to your best-kept treasures? We pay top market prices for all your unwanted, old, new or broken items. Jewels Planet has been in the business of buying and re-selling gold for many years. We give appraisals that are sure to satisfy and give you the cash – with no hidden charges. So instead of just letting old and broken jewellery just lay around unused, sell them to us and we will make good use of them.

Jewels Planet promotes simple, safe, and secure buying. We do not impose confusing terms and conditions nor apply marketing tricks and hidden charges.

Gold remains one of the most valuable metals today. Currencies fluctuate but the valuation of this precious metal just keeps on steadily going up.

Call us today on 9891 22 44 66 - your trusted and #1 gold buyers, CFGG - Cash For Gold Guru.

If you have a question or query about our service please do not hesitate to contact us.
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